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Not-for-Profit Advisory Committee (NAC)

The Not-for-Profit Advisory Committee (NAC) was established in October 2009. The NAC is a standing committee that is expected to work closely with the FASB in an advisory capacity to ensure that perspectives from the not-for-profit (NFP) sector are effectively communicated to the FASB on a timely basis in connection with the development of financial accounting and reporting standards. The principal responsibilities of the Committee are to:

  • Provide focused input and feedback relating to (a) the need for and relative priority of proposed projects, (b) conceptual and practical implications of proposals under development in active projects, (c) practice issues, including implementation issues arising from new standards and potential areas for improvement pertinent to the NFP sector, and (d) longer-term issues important to the NFP sector.
  • Assist the FASB and its staff with communication and outreach activities to the NFP sector on recent standards and other existing guidance, current and proposed projects, and longer-term issues. NAC members are encouraged to communicate with the NFP sector, both to educate the sector about the roles of the FASB and the NAC and to encourage the sector to communicate with the FASB on financial reporting matters.
  • Advise on other matters for which the FASB may seek guidance.

The Committee comprises 15 to 20 members who demonstrate (a) a keen interest in and knowledge of financial accounting and reporting matters, (b) experience working within the NFP sector, (c) a commitment to improving financial reporting for users of financial statements, and (d) the ability to provide input on a wide variety of financial reporting matters. 

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