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Client Acceptance

We are a specialized firm and only provide services to nonprofit organizations. We may not be able to accept all clients seeking services from our firm. Upon inquiry from a potential client, we have to make a determination whether we can effectively serve that client.

Here are some important things to note:

 A CPA needs to remain independent for audit or review engagements, also known as attest engagements.  Some non-attest services can be performed in conjunction with an attest engagement such as financial statement and disclosure preparation, accounting adjustments, reconciliations and tax preparation. Original bookkeeping or major overhauls of your financial data cannot be performed in an attest engagement. In order to remain independent while performing these non-attest services special precautions have to be followed. The organization’s management has to be responsible for the non-attest service by doing the following  (1) designating an individual who possesses suitable skill to oversee the service (2) evaluate the adequacy and results of the services performed and (3) accept responsibility for the results of the service. Under no circumstances can the CPA assume management responsibilities in an attest engagement. Some organizations hire an accountant or qualified bookkeeper to perform year-end close services before we perform an audit or review. Generally, a well maintained QuickBooks file will suffice in presenting us the financial statements for an attest engagement. 

Since independence is not necessary for a Form 990 preparation only service, we can also do full bookkeeping and write-up services in conjunction with this service.

If this is your first audit engagement, we recommend you research the steps involved. All audits will involve governance (the board). In the absence of an audit committee, the independent board members will perform the audit oversight function. This involves the following basic duties: (1) overseeing the accounting and financial reporting processes of the organization and the audit of its financial statements; (2) annually retaining or renewing the retention of an independent auditor; and (3) reviewing with the independent auditor the results of the audit (including the management letter).

We will ask to review your organization's information to make a determination of client acceptance and a fee quote. This would include reviewing an organization's financial data and, possibly, your QuickBooks file. For audit engagements, we would need to make an initial inquiry to the prior audit firm.

Please see the services page to see what services we perform in your state. We generally perform Form 990 Preparation, Review and compilation services in all states except California. Refer to the chart to see if we perform audit services in your state. We mainly accept audit clients in northeast area states but will consider audits in other states on the list. We treat each year as a separate engagement. Organizations have the option of choosing a different firm annually and we reserve the right to disengage from future work.

* We are NOT accepting clients that require audits under Generally Accepted Government Auditing Standards (i.e. "Yellow Book” audits) or OMB Uniform Guidance Audits, (formerly known as OMB A-133 audits) at this time.

** We specialize in 501(c)(3) public charities [Form 990].  We DO NOT serve private foundations (Form 990-PF).