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Info on NYS compliance when amending governing documents

NYS Charities Bureau

CHAR410-A (Amended Registration Statement)

CHAR410-A (Amended Registration Statement for Charitable Organizations) is for organizations already registered with the Charities Bureau that have amended their document attachments (for example, the certificate of incorporation or by-laws), since the last CHAR410 Series form was filed. Registered organizations are required to notify the Charities Bureau within 30 days of such changes.

Copies of all amendments to the following documents previously filed with a prior registration, amended registration or re-registration statement:

(i) the certificate of incorporation, trust agreement or other organizing document, and any amendments; and

(ii) the bylaws or other organizational rules, and any amendments; and

(iii) the IRS Form 1023 or 1024 Application for Recognition of Exemption, if applicable; and

(iv) the IRS tax exemption determination letter, if applicable.