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News From the Charities Bureau -- Charity Corps Application Deadline Extended

Charity Corps is extending to February 1, 2013 the deadline for nonprofits to apply for free legal assistance from volunteer lawyers. Charity Corps, a joint initiative between the Attorney General's Office and the New York State Bar Association, matches volunteer attorneys with nonprofits that need legal counsel on matters involving corporate law, governance and compliance matters.

Charity Corps lawyers are available to assist nonprofits in maintaining tax exempt status; complying with fundraising regulations; understanding the limitations and restrictions on political activities; implementing proper procedures for executive compensation; complying with legal requirements of IRS Form 990 and NYS Form CHAR 500; and addressing other nonprofit corporate law, governance and compliance issues.

To be eligible, an organization must have 501(c)(3) tax status, have an operating budget of less than $1 million and demonstrate that it cannot afford counsel. Nonprofits and volunteer attorneys can get application forms and additional information about Charity Corps by visiting the Charity Corps webpage.

Visit www.charitiesnys.com for additional information and guidance for nonprofits.

Jason Lilien
Bureau Chief
Charities Bureau