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How can I get a copy of my organization's exemption letter?


EO Operational Requirements: Obtaining Copies of Exemption Determination Letter from IRS


How can I get a copy of my organization's exemption letter?

To get a letter affirming that the IRS recognizes your organization's tax-exempt status under Code section 501, contact Customer Account Services.  The  affirmation  letter serves the same purpose for grantors and contributors as the original determination letter and will be  prepared for you  during your  contact with Customer Account Services.   You can expect to receive the affirmation letter within 10 - 14 business days from the contact.

The IRS Tax Exempt and Government Entities Customer Account Services at (877) 829-5500 (toll-free number).

If you prefer to write, you may write

Internal Revenue Service
Exempt Organizations Determinations
P.O. Box 2508
Cincinnati, OH 45201

If the  affirmation  letter will not meet your needs and you wish to obtain a copy of the original determination letter, you must send a written request to the EO Determinations office in Cincinnati.  The request should be submitted using Form 4506-A, or in a letter containing the name and employer identification number of the organization along with the name, address, and phone number of the requester.  Securing a copy of the original determination letter to send to you may take up to 60 days or longer.