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We may be available for a variety of last minute services. Due to the nature of the engagement, this would not include Audit services. These would be at premium rates and would be accepted on a case by case basis. An Urgent situation would be something needed in under 2 weeks or even in a few days.Examples of such services are:

  • Full year accounting, bookkeeping, from original documentation

  • Full year bookkeeping, from original documentation, with Form 990 preparation

  • Form 990 preparation and state charity forms

  • Quickbooks clean up , adjustments and reconciliations

  • Compiled or reviewed financial statements

  • Full year accounting and bookkeeping and Audit Preparation. (i.e. get your organization in complete readiness for your financial statement audit)

  • Special projects

Note: When we mention audits, we mean CPA financial statement audits, not audits you get from the IRS or others. We do not handle compliance issues outside of Exempt Organization issues. We DO NOT handle payroll, sales tax , 1099, insurance or other compliance issues.

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