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Nonprofits differ, in many respects, from their for profit counterparts. The complexities of IRS Form 990, the special rules for audits and reviews of Not for profit organizations and the many governance requiremnts laid upon organizations are a few reasons why a CPA specilizing in the non profit area is needed by all roganization. It's mainly the larger CPA firms that have an expertise in this area. Since these firms focus on serving large nonprofits, with budgets in the tens of millions of dollars, they may not be able to scale down to serve smaller organizations effectively.  On the other end, smaller CPA firms that only have a few non profit clients often lack the knowledge in this area to effectively serve non profits. Our ability to service small and mid-sized non profits sets us apart. 

Our ultimate goal is to help nonprofit organizations reach their goals. The clients we serve have a variety of missions. Whether that is serving those in need; promoting art, music or culture, educating others;  serving our youth, advocating for the rights of other, protecting our earth, its environment and its creatures or spreading faith,  we want to help you achieve your mission. By making the year-end accounting process as efficient and affordable as possible and by providing valuable services we believe we are achieving our goal.